Company History

V.M. Sanderson Construction, LLC was started with the objective of providing its clientele a custom built product with the utmost quality, while at the same time building it for a fair price.  It sounds cliché but, in today’s market, it is what we strive for and achieve for our owners.  As many have come to find out recently, the construction world has become more concerned with how fast or inexpensive something can be built rather than actually concentrating on how well it can be done.  Victor Sanderson, founder and president, believes that insistence on quality of service, hard work, and responsiveness to client needs serve as the core values of the company.  It is through this philosophy that each owner can be provided a finished building product that makes for a long term success on both their investment and relationship with us as the contractor.

Today, V.M. Sanderson Construction specializes in high-end residential and commercial construction projects, which consist of new construction and renovations.  In this highly competitive industry, we pride ourselves on our creativity through constant research and continuing education.  In addition we take great pride and responsibility at V.M. Sanderson Construction in providing our clients with the highest level of construction building practices, while at the same time providing owners a building process that is based on teamwork and customer satisfaction.  Throughout the entire building process, we try to maintain a steady and open line of communication with each individual owner to create a forward thinking atmosphere that results in a successful project for all involved.